Miriam Schacter   Registered Psychotherapist, CTP Dipl. RP, BA

​​​​​​​​General Questions

How do we begin?  Generally, a phone call or on-line meeting is a great way to gather and share information before booking an initial appointment. Please feel welcome to contact me to inquire about a free 20 minute consultation at 416-939-1672 or therapy@miriamschacter.com 

What age range are your clients?  My scope of practice includes working with adults age 18 or older.

48-hours notice for cancellation or day/time change:  I require 48-hour notice unless due to severe illness or emergency (self, family, pets). Clients have the option of requesting a phone session or an on-line session (during their scheduled time) or covering payment. In case of emergency or conflict, stay in dialogue and

let's see what is possible. 

Fees:​  Session fees are $118.58 (plus HST $15.42) which totals $134.00/hour.   I have a number of sliding scale spaces; however, these space are currently filled.  Please see the community resources page for reduced or OHIP covered therapy suggestions.  

Coverage: Many private insurance firms or plans provided by colleges/universities cover sessions with a Registered Psychotherapist. Please inquire with your HR department or college. 

The Canada Revenue Agency: The CRA recognizes the cost of services provided by Registered Psychotherapists as a medical expense eligible for tax credit. Please note that professional therapeutic associations and colleges are currently advocating on our behalf to exempt services provided by a registered psychotherapist from GST/HST taxation. 

Individuals new to therapy: Therapists often meet with their clients once a week for an hour, weekly or on alternate weeks. Scheduling your time wisely or mindfully can create a useful or "present"  therapeutic experience. If you travel often, you may choose to book under the Executive or Shift-Work option.   

You may wish to share an agenda or a "time-line of impactful dates" at our first meeting, but it is not necessary to know what you are going to say each session.  Dream-work, movement, artwork and worksheets (Sensorimotor, IFS, DBT, CBT) are always welcome. Anything you decide to disclose is confidential, with a few exceptions related to safety and abuse or the law. Both short-term (12-sessions) or long-term therapy can be beneficial for different reasons. If you have questions, let's talk.   

Booking for current clients: If you are a current client with a regular time and wish to book in, cancel or change your session day/time please access our on-line scheduler "Jane App."  Current clients who frequently travel for work or have shift work (medical, first responders, service industry)  are also encouraged to book in independently.  Again, this booking link is for current clients, following our intake assessment.