While there is much to say and do to support your relationships, the following relational "mistakes" can be helpful to review with your partner or friends. If you are making these interpersonal (relational) errors, are there ways you can reflect, do the opposite, seek authentic dialogue, and/or attend therapy.  The following links put words to experiences or events that might be difficult to describe. 

Miriam Schacter   Registered Psychotherapist, CTP Dipl. RP, BA



What might an on-line Session look Like on Jane App? 

Neil Hicks and I briefly demonstrate what an on-line session looks like. 

Please feel welcome to check out the following links if you are seeking supportive somatic techniques or information and psycho-education: 

Psychotherapy Infographics (pictures/illustrations, great for non-verbal explanation and support)   


Peter Levine's strategies for situational anxiety and fear (not just for trauma or boundary-work)

​​A meditation that helps calm the sympathetic nervous system's response to fear or anxiety.  It may be helpful to do the sympathetic breath meditation with "hand on chest" postures or any gesture/somatic resource that is supportive for you at this time.   Translate the meditation with preferred words as you wish.  


What can you do right now to give your nervous system a hand if you are in distress? 

(what movement feels better ie: breath or posture)