My practice includes support for the following: life transitions, interpersonal and professional conflict, challenges in the boardroom, boundary skills, intimacy and relationships, present moment experience and reciprocity, stress, depression and anxiety, affect regulation and anger/rage support, sexual abuse/assault, attachment trauma, developmental trauma (ie: childhood or family-related conflict), intergenerational trauma and injury (ie: war, slavery, colonization, immigration), situational trauma (ie: accidents, injury, surgery), PTSD, self-states/emotional-states, structural dissociation, ANS reactivity (ie: fight, flight, freeze, submit reactions), bereavement, emotional eating and OCD behaviours as well as embodied or existential concerns.  Issues related to severe addiction (substance-using parts) are often co-treated in the 12-step community and SMART/MAARS programs depending on preference. 

Miriam Schacter   Registered Psychotherapist, CTP Dipl. RP, BA

Office is located minutes north of St. George subway station. A bike rack is now  located in the parking lot. Free parking is available via the Lowther Ave. entrance (please use the church driveway into the lot on Lowther Ave as there is no access to the parking lot on St. George). Street parking also available. 

Miriam Schacter, RP

204 St. George Street, Suite 206

Toronto Ontario M5R 2N5

2nd Floor waiting room ​


(416) 939-1672​​ 

Daytime bookings and limited evening sessions

are available. Please inquire.  ​​