Registered Psychotherapist, CTP Dipl. RP, BA

Miriam Schacter

Fees, Cancellation and Coverage 2021:​  Session fees are $118.58 (plus HST $15.42) which totals $134.00/hour.  

I have a number of sliding scale spaces, however, these space are currently filled.   

Please note that I require 48-hours notice for cancellation or time change unless due to sudden, severe illness or emergency. If a session cannot be cancelled in time, clients have the option of requesting a phone session or an on-line session (during their scheduled time) or covering payment for a missed session. 

Many private insurance firms or plans provided by colleges/universities cover 6-12 sessions with a Registered Psychotherapist. Inquire with your HR department if services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist are covered by your plan. 

The Canada Revenue Agency recognizes the cost of services provided by Registered Psychotherapists as a medical expense eligible for tax credit. Please also note that professional therapeutic associations and colleges are currently advocating on our behalf to exempt services provided by a registered psychotherapist from GST/HST taxation. 

Information For Individuals New to Therapy: Therapists often meet with their clients once a week for an hour, weekly or bi-weekly. Consistent sessions are a cornerstone of therapy unless due to illness, childcare needs or shift work (for example). If you travel often for work, you may choose to pre-plan on-line sessions while away. It is important to consider when deciding if therapy is right for you that scheduling your time wisely or mindfully can create a useful or "present" therapeutic experience. If you are cancelling or changing appointments often, it's probably a good plan to talk about that in session.

Please note, it is not necessary to know what you what you are going to say in session - we can figure that out together in conversation and discovery. Alternatively, you may wish to bring in a topic list or a time-line of impactful dates and events as well as your schedule. Dream-work, poetry, movement or artwork and worksheets (Sensorimotor, IFS, DBT, CBT) are always welcome. Anything you decide to disclose is confidential, with a few exceptions related to safety or the law. Finally, both short-term or long-term therapy can be beneficial... it varies from person to person. If you have further questions, please contact me via email or phone.  

General Questions

How do we begin?  Generally, a phone conversation is a great way to gather and share

information before booking an initial appointment.  At certain times during the week I am able to offer a 20-minute consult. Please feel welcome to contact me to inquire about consults at 416-939-1672 or therapy@miriamschacter. com  

What age range are your clients?  My scope of practice includes working with adult clients (age 18 or older).