Updated health Information For Ontario and Canada

Miriam Schacter

​​​Update June 1st 2020 via CRPO:  "Community transmission of COVID-19 continues, and so measures to prevent and control the spread of infection must also continue. [Therapists] providing in-person services may only do so if they employ appropriate infection prevention and control (IPAC) precautions."  Let's co-plan together if in-person sessions are sought after June 1st. 

On-line sessions via Jane App. are currently available.  ​When using Jane App, clients are guided to press the "button" to start our video-conference at session time (button located on session reminder email via Jane App).  There is a consent waiver to confirm (or deny) with the Jane App. Jane App has a consent form, in part, because it aims to be compliant with Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) platform/tech recommendations.  Please use a Chrome browser when using Jane App.  

What might an on-line Session look Like on Jane App? ​Colleague Neil Hicks and I briefly demonstrate what an on-line session looks like on your computer screen. 


Finally, I’ll be posting information for anxiety-resourcing on my website this week. Please feel welcome to check out the following links if you are seeking supportive bottom-up (body) techniques and top-down (cognitive) psycho-education. 

A therapist's blog with kind information/explanations about anxiety related to COVID-19:  Reading Material

Peter Levine's strategies for situational anxiety and fear (not just for trauma or boundary-work):  Video Segment

Sympathetic Breathing Meditation:  Images and Audio Narration

​​A meditation that helps calm the sympathetic nervous system's response to fear or anxiety. The narration is quite slow... but that is to help model or co-regulate a calming sensation via tone and pacing. It may be helpful to do the sympathetic breath meditation with "hand on chest" postures or any gesture and somatic resource that is supportive for you at this time.  Translate the mediation with preferred words as you wish. Translate chronic stress with "situational or event-based stress" if you wish. 


Bounce Back Ontario:  The Ontario government has announced an expansion of online and virtual mental health supports, including BounceBack, to help Ontarians navigating the difficult realities in the wake of COVID-19. Please see    https://bouncebackontario.ca/